For used car dealers, and auto repair and maintenance shops

Do you have used tires and wheels for disposal? Corporations and individuals alike are welcome to contact us. Pickup is available, or you can drop items off. On-the-spot estimate and cash payment!

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New, old-model, and used tires and wheels, including damaged items.

Top market value

Items we purchase from customers are resold at our stores or on a major website, or else exported directly overseas. We seek the most profitable way to sell each item, which allows us to offer terms advantageous to our customers.

Purchase procedure


※Please note that for disposal of items in very poor condition there may be no compensation, or we may charge a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you purchase items anywhere?
Distance and quantity are factors. Begin by giving us a call!
How will I be paid?
We pay cash at the time of pick-up.